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3 Reasons To Get A Concierge Coverage Service

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For those in the business of hospitality, it’s no secret that providing excellent experiences is what makes a customer want to become a regular. Beyond the basic amenities, how guests are treated on a personal level has a lot to do with their satisfaction with their accommodations. If you want to improve that satisfaction by offering guests a truly personalized interaction, consider concierge coverage services for your hospitality location.

Here are a few great reasons to bring concierge services to your hotel or facility:

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

The concierge attendant is the first person guests typically see when they enter a hospitality facility and could be one of the last people they see when they leave. Conversations with concierge members often lead to enjoyable discoveries, like local dining, or discounts on hotel services. Because of these factors, your concierge is your business’s face – your representative to the customer. To put your best face forward, hire a reputable, knowledgeable, well-groomed concierge to provide the kind of service that will bring your guests back again and again.

Saving Guests Time, Adding Value for Money

Guests at hotels or other locations are more stressed and pressed for time than they have ever been in times gone by – so how are hotels meeting the needs of these busy, harried travelers? Providing a concierge can help guests manage every aspect of their trip, from planning meals to arranging transportation or even providing useful information about city attractions. Saving your guests time will make them more likely to spend extra time on your property – and maybe even additional money, too.

Keeping It Personal

Traveling can be an isolating experience. Even when you travel with family or friends along for the ride, you often find yourselves alone in new places and surrounded by unfamiliar faces. Staffing your location with a concierge provider gives guests a familiar face to return to after a day out on the tow, as well as a trusted advisor of local sights to see and places to go. This will make them feel more comfortable, more at home, and better about your accommodations overall. After all, everyone likes to feel like they’re being attended to on a personal level – don’t your guests deserve that much?

If you’re interested in learning more about what personalized, highly-trained concierge coverage services can do for you and your guests, contact the industry experts at GISS International. With services available in 17 languages and the capability of staffing locations all around the world, you need never look any further for the help you need in giving guests the same!

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