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4 Security Tips For Businesses In NYC

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Operating a business in New York City carries many known risks. While New York City has many great things to offer business owners and residents alike, the city also comes with the threat of property crime, vandalism, and even violent crime, and that makes business security a top priority no matter what industry you operate in. Here are four important tips to follow that will help you keep your business safe no matter where you’re located around NYC.

4 Security Tips for Businesses in NYC

  1. Install The Right Security System
  2. Utilize Security Personnel
  3. Maintain a Control Room
  4. Keep Lights On

#1 Install The Right Security System

A strong security system really forms the foundation of every business’ security strategy. There are many components that you can add to it to tailor the system to fit your business’s specific needs, as well. Consulting with a security firm will be your best bet to make sure that your premises are protected around-the-clock.

Security cameras will be a key part of the plan, but you also need to consider whether the cameras record all the time or only during certain hours. You can also set them to record on motion and you can install cameras that allow live viewing as well. Additionally, you may want adjustable cameras so that you can move them around to further monitor the property remotely.

Aside from cameras, alarms triggered by motion or unauthorized access are an essential addition to your security plan. Entry systems that allow you to record who is entering your business by keeping a record of all door codes or keycard scans ensure you know who is coming in and out of important areas that should be limited to public access. If all of the options above are out of your price range, windchimes are a simple and low-cost alerting solution.

#2 Utilize Security Personnel

Having people physically stationed at your business is another key part of keeping your business safe in NYC. These people should be professionally trained to recognize individuals who may cause potential issues. They can be in plain clothes if you do not wish to disturb the environment with multiple unarmed security guards, but oftentimes, security is most effective when it is seen and noticed by potential perpetrators.

You may utilize a security team while the staff is on-site or after hours. You can also hire security to watch your property at all times, preferably briefing your team on the other security protocols and systems you have in place to help them perform their duties more effectively (like by providing them with camera viewing capabilities).

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#3 Maintain a Control Room

Once you have your security system installed, it’s important to set up a control room at your business. This is where you and anyone with authorization will be able to view camera monitors, check the status of any alarms or motion sensors, and even view logs from your door code and key card entry systems. Obviously, you’ll want this room in itself to be kept secure to avoid unwarranted access or potential sabotage.

Ideally, your control room will always be occupied by a trained and dedicated member of a security team and they will be able to communicate with any other security personnel you have on the floor, helping to coordinate their routes and alerting them of any potential threats more quickly.

#4 Keep Lights On

Having a very well-lit business helps to deter perpetrators because it immediately eliminates obvious hiding places and keeps them more exposed as they move around the inside and outside of your business. They know that good lighting not only makes them more detectable to people physically present but also makes them more detectable on cameras and other systems, so light does many things to deter crime.

Keeping lights on even after close is a smart idea and it’s also worth investing in good lighting for the outside of your business. Meanwhile, it will help your clients and employees feel safer too, making it a win/win.

Ensuring your business is secure should be a top priority, especially in a densely populated city like NYC. Sometimes it’s easier said than done and finding the right security agency to help your business can be a daunting task. When it comes to keeping businesses safe and protected, GISS International has it covered. Fill out the form below to discover how GISS International can help you.

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