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6 Indicators That Your Business Needs Night Shift Security Guards

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For many businesses, night shift security is not just an option – it’s a necessity. According to the National Institution of Justice, most vandalism is done in the late evening hours when business and surrounding property have little or no surveillance. Properties that have large properties or expensive goods are at risk for late-night crime, especially when there’s little monitored security on the premise. The presence of night shift security guards serves as not only a deterrent to potential crime but also allows for quick response to issues that may arise. Here are 6 indicators that you may need a night shift security guard for your business.

Why your business may need night shift security guards

  1. You have a large property: Businesses with a large, unguarded property like factories, corporate complexes, and country clubs are at a higher risk for crimes than smaller, brick and mortar properties. Having guards that monitor security cameras and perform regular inspections significantly reduces the risk of break-ins.
  2. Your business is under construction: Construction sites are prime targets for theft and vandalism because of the perception of reduced security and the expensive equipment and material on the site, which can be tempting for criminals. Hiring a company that is experienced building overnight construction site security is key to ensuring protection
  3. You have valuable assets or goods: Even with the best technology in place, businesses with valuable assets and goods like jewelry stores are at a higher risk for theft. Having experienced guards on site will give you peace of mind knowing your business is under watchful eyes
  4. Your property is in an area with high crime rates: High crime areas aren’t necessarily limited to “bad neighborhoods”. It can include areas with dense populations or lively nightlife and bars.
  5. Your business is currently having or had prior issues with overnight crimes: Hiring a professional security company does not stop at having a guard on site. Experienced companies can perform a full security audit of the site to find vulnerabilities and areas to improve. Hiring a guard can ultimately save your company much more than what it could cost.
  6. Your business receives deliveries overnight: For businesses that rely on overnight deliveries, having a seamless and secure drop off is imperative. Guards can maintain an entrance and exit log and put a halt to unauthorized visits. Once the goods are delivered, a qualified guard can watch and protect the items if the right employees are not present.

Different businesses will have different night shift security needs, and you may need help figuring out what kind of security staffing is necessary to protect your property. Get started today by contacting GISS International for a free on-site security inspection.

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