About GISS International

Global Investigation Security Services (GISS) meeting the security needs of our clients in today’s global market. GISS offers personal security services, certified guard services for the commercial market, as well as an array of personalized training classes to keep you and your staff prepared for any situation.

GISS International offers a professional level of security services to a wide variety of clients throughout the New York City/New Jersey Metropolitan area and in many overseas markets. Our officers can be found at commercial properties, distribution centers, financial institutions, healthcare campuses, manufacturing complexes, residential communities and retail establishments.

In addition to armed and unarmed uniformed facility protection, we also offer armed executive/bodyguard protection including chauffeur assignments. Officers can be assigned to accompany an executive or celebrity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Around the clock coverage is always available, utilizing teams of Certified Security Professionals to protect your best interests. With respect to executive coverage, our service can relieve the corporate staff of the burden of hiring, scheduling and supervision, not to mention training and uniforming. In addition, GISS International can track and schedule protection teams in foreign capitals and centers of commerce.

Entertainment clients will also find value in the convenience of access and availability.

All services are available in over 17 languages.

Olivier DeLaurentiis: Senior Vice President

As president and chief executive officer of GISS International since 1997, Olivier DeLaurentiis is responsible for the supervision of financial operations, public relations, and shoulders the ultimate responsibility for the delivery of service to clients located in New York and New Jersey as well as major overseas markets. With a comprehensive background in investigations and physical security, Mr. DeLaurentiis is well positioned to direct operations and respond to the requirements of a wide variety of customers. His credentials include not only familiarity in uniformed armed and unarmed security services for commercial and residential applications, but also experience in the field of investigations, training and consulting services.

Prior to his arrival at GISS International, Mr. DeLaurentiis served as the president of Locataire, a New York City based real estate management company with a focus on import/export clients based in Western Europe and Africa.

Mr. DeLaurentiis is a graduate of the French military college, St. Maixent, from which he received his B.S. Degree. He served for ten years in The French Foreign Legion primarily in Eastern and Western Africa, in countries such as Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti. He was also operational in the Biafran War (1967) and in the civil war in Chad (1968-1969). Due to his extensive overseas experience, Mr. DeLaurentiis is well versed in conducting security operations in a variety of international environments.

Vlad Shestopalov: Security Director

Vlad Shestopalov is a security director of GISS International. He holds a bachelor’s degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Security Management. Vlad has been in security field for over twelve years. His extensive experience in consultation and investigation helped GISS International to expand and evolve in various directions. His determination has led GISS International into an innovative, technology-friendly company that accommodates its services upon the demand of the clients.

Anthony Cardozo: General Supervisor

Anthony Cardozo is a general supervisor of GISS International. He has been a part of the supervision team for over eight years. Anthony served in the United States Army for seven years. As an Army veteran, he brings the experience of work ethic, loyalty and motivated productivity to GISS International. Anthony’s ability to manage its employees effectively and respond to the clients’ needs promptly makes GISS International a trustworthy and reliable company that provides excellence service.