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Ensuring Your Construction Security Company Is Working For You, Not Against You

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When hiring a security team, you are always assuming at least a little bit of risk. The hiring process inherently involves you effectively saying, “Here is a set of things that are valuable to me. Please take good care of them.” Then you walk away and hope for the best. Usually, the security personnel or team does a great job. However, in order to make sure that happens, there are some steps you can take, particularly when dealing with a construction security team. Doing these things doesn’t mean you aren’t trusting the security team—after all, you’ve given them a lot of trust and power. However, it does mean you care about good service and you expect top-notch security.

Talk with the Guard on Duty

It’s OK to ask your guard questions that pertain to the security of your construction site. You can ask, for instance, when the last time the guard patrolled the area. Even if the area isn’t particularly large, patrolling can help the guard notice things that could be important. It also sends a message to potential invaders that the guard isn’t just sitting in one place, stagnant. You can also ask him what he has observed on the premises or in the immediate area. Or you can inquire as to anything that may have seemed out of the ordinary. Asking these questions will also help your construction security guard keep these things in mind after you leave or after the conversation ends.

Stop by at Unexpected Times

You can arrive earlier than scheduled when you go to make a visit. You can also stop in at nighttime. Yes, this may catch your guard off “guard,” but you have a right to have a guard that is ready to face any and everything at any time.

Check to See if There Has Been Any Sleeping on the Job

A sleeping guard is a threat, particularly when it comes to construction security. Period. Check for footprints or marks on chairs left by footwear. His or her feet may have been up while they were sleeping. Look for makeshift pillows, lowered lights, or even a groggy appearance of your guard when you stop by. Staying alert and awake is non-negotiable.

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