At GISS, besides our armed and unarmed security guard service, we are able to offer personal and professional Executive Protection Services. At GISS we offer contracts ranging from on site support for employee high risk terminations to global traveling CEO’s. At GISS not only do we concentrate on the high value CEO but we offer the same level of protection for families attached to the CEO’s. These experiences include the protection of world dignitaries traveling to the New York area for the United Nations Assembly, military convoys overseas in transporting and ensuring the safe arrival of a high level government or military official to a foreign embassy, traveling with a CEO of an international organization from one country to another and maintaining a high level of awareness, professionalism, and vigilance over an extended period of time. Our trained and experienced Executive Protection Detail will assess threats and minimize the threat level by keeping everyone safe. At GISS we employ former military and law enforcement personnel with extensive backgrounds in Executive Protection. At GISS we expect our Executive Protection Detail to possess the following skills: Military or Law Enforcement training and experience (including Special Forces and Federal Agents), exceptional communication skills, customer service experience, writing skills, driving skills, judgment and decision making skills, computer literacy, the ability to handle firearms and self defense skills.

Utilizing armed Executive Protection details provide a 24 hour protection for clients both in and out of the public eye. Trained agents with years of experience protect dignitaries, executives and business persons, conduct thorough threat assessments including advanced and on-site inspections and residential protection services for all clients. Using their extensive backgrounds in law enforcement and executive protection GISS agents conduct comprehensive assessments of any threats to their clients. With surveillance technology and investigative techniques GISS makes a point to identify and eliminate potential threats before they pose a problem. In an uncertain world vulnerability becomes a paramount concern for those without trained professionals dedicated to their personal safety. At GISS we are dedicated to providing peace of mind to our clientele.

All services are available in over 17 languages.

Executive Protection Security Services Covering New York and New Jersey

When you are in the public eye, or have a high net worth, there are always additional risks associated with your personal security. Unfortunately, these risks can also extend to your family, which is why we offer a complete protection service for you and the people you care about. Highly experienced, well-presented and discreet, we are the security company of choice for a number of prominent figures. Whether you are located in New York or the surrounding area and need protection, or are visiting and require a team for the duration of your stay, we are able to meet your requirements.

Ex-Forces or Police Team Available Now

We pick our security professionals with care, ensuring you end up with guards who really do know what they are doing. We understand that many of our clients attend prestigious events and require a team that is correctly dressed for the occasion and who can blend in. All of our guards are hand-picked for their communication skills and their ability to behave in an appropriate manner no matter what their surroundings may be.

Flexible Arrangements to Suit Your Schedule

Every client requires a slightly different service, which is why we work with you to come up with a security solution that is exactly right for you. We understand that many people want the freedom to come and go as they wish, at the same time as having the protection they need. Particularly when it comes to the needs of your family, we will work with you to come up with an approach that meets each of your objectives.

New York and New Jersey Flexible Executive Protection Security Services

Our services can be long- or short-term, full-time or part-time, or even just cover attendance at a particular event. We offer a complete, start-to-finish service, including pre-attendance planning and accommodation checks, protection during a particular occasion and post-attendance safety issues. If you want to work with skilled, organized security providers who offer competent protection with meticulous attention to detail, call us at (718) 547-8411 for your FREE security consultation.


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