Natalia Nastaskin Attorney At Law


This is being submitted as a letter of the highest recommendation for GISS International.

I have utilized this company’s services on several occasions in the past and have been absolutely satisfied and tremendously impressed by the staffs unparalleled efficiency, mastery of the security business and utmost professionalism.

As an attorney in the entertainment business, I am often called upon to assist high profile clients in addressing their security concerns during their travels, concerts and personal appearances. I have used several different companies in the past, but have been best served by GISS International, and I plan to continue to use GISS services in the future.

I have also used GISS in my personal matters, including for security services at my wedding which drew several high profile guests, and for protection of my husband’s children when their safety became threatened by several occurrences in their school and in the neighborhood around their home. GISS staff, as usual, were extremely professional and effective.

In my dealings with GISS, I have been in contact with Senior Vice President of GISS, Mr. Olivier DeLaurentiis. Mr. DeLaurentiis takes the business of security extremely seriously and always assesses every situation which requires his company’s assistance with great care and thoroughness. I feel one hundred and ten percent at ease when GISS is involved in protecting me and my clients’ welfare.

Yours truly,

Natalia Nastaskin