GISS International is a worldwide security organization. We offer all of our services in 17 languages including English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. With extensive international backgrounds all of our staff is well equipped to serve you wherever you may be. GISS will travel with you thus eliminating the need for a translator.

GISS International will travel with you to foreign, remote and potentially dangerous regions, safe in the knowledge that your health, safety and security are in the right hands. We can provide you with a personal travel assistant or a full support team to take care of all of your security concerns. With the assistance of our vast network we are able to provide security escort teams in many regions. Our teams consist of experienced security professionals who will ensure your safety and security.

GISS International allows organizations to achieve their goals in the frontiers of the world. We provide risk mitigation, intelligence, supply chain management and physical security services to government, multinational corporations, aid organizations and private individuals. Operating throughout the world on security and logistics projects for over a decade we offer a dynamic and responsive security partner allowing our clients to best achieve their mission objectives.

GISS experiences include the protection of world dignitaries traveling to the New York area for the United Nations Assembly, military convoys overseas in transporting and ensuring the safe arrival of a high level government or military official to a foreign embassy, traveling with a CEO of an international organization from one country to another and maintaining a high level of awareness, professionalism, and vigilance over an extended period of time.

All services are available in over 17 languages.


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