Qualities to Expect in an Executive Protection Professional


If you are in the market for executive protection services in New York, it’s essential to understand what qualities to look for in security personnel. This person is in charge of accompanying you, watching over you, and protecting you from any dangers that come up. We’ll look at some of the most important attributes to look for as you consider the right security company for your unique needs.

Decision-Making Skills

You want someone in your corner who can handle a crisis or bad behavior directed toward you or your assets. This person should be able to act quickly and take care of the situation professionally using excellent judgment skills. If you choose someone who doesn’t have this skill, it can be dangerous. They may be slow to act or confused about what to do during an emergency.

Communication Skills

Verbal communication skills are essential for an individual providing executive protection services in New York, but that isn’t the only requirement. You want this person to be an effective communicator through body language and gestures, as well. What you want to see if someone who can communicate accurately, confidently, and effectively. Without this, misunderstanding is possible which can lead to poor service.

Extensive Training

You want someone to be protecting you with the experience to do so. The best option is someone who has police, military, or other security experience. This will give the person the ability to adapt to change and perform their duties easily. What you don’t want is someone who is just getting into the profession who may still need room to grow.

Driving Skills

Your protection professional must be legally able to drive a vehicle. You also want them to have defensive driving skills. This gives the person the skills needed to drive well in a situation of crises in order to save lives. The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Course can be a good start at providing information about how to drive in a strategic and defensive manner.

Skill with Firearms

Being fit is important, but being capable with firearms is just as important for this position. Your security professional should have skill with various firearms and other forms of self-defense. Military training or policy training can provide this skill.

If you need executive protection services in New York, GISS International can provide what you need. We’d be happy to offer you more information about our services.


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