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With decades of experience protecting high profile clients, GISS International offers highly trained guards along with tailored security plans to fit the needs of any business. Our wide range of services ensures that we can offer top-notch security to any client in any industry. Plus, we offer our services in 17 languages, keeping them accessible to all clients.

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Our Private Security Guard Services

Armed Security Services

If you are in need of an armed security guard team for a particularly high-risk environment, trust no other than GISS International. Our guards are trained and experienced to handle high-risk and high-stress situations with ease, keeping you safe and comfortable with the confidence of knowing that you’re protected by competent armed security professionals.

Unarmed Guard Services

Many situations call for unarmed security, but that does not make our guards any less effective. With elaborate training, our guards can protect you and your property in a range of situations, even when they serve without a weapon. Like all of our services, we can assemble and scale an unarmed security team large enough to fit any event or premises.

Bodyguard Services

One of our top areas of specialty centers around providing bodyguard services to individuals who need protection either on a daily or case-by-case basis. Whether you need a single bodyguard to accompany you on regular errands or a team of bodyguards to protect you in transit, at home, or anywhere else you may go, we can assemble a security plan that fits your needs and keeps you safe and confident at all times.

Strike & Protest Security Coverage

GISS International offers security services to businesses looking to enhance security before, during and after protests. With experience providing coverage during thousands of protests that range from labor strikes to civil unrest, our team is prepared to step in with professionally trained, accountable security personnel to support and protect your business. Discover more about strike and protest security services here.

Security Escort Services

For individuals or groups traveling to a destination, our security escort services may be applicable. Whether or not you have a bodyguard or security team, security escort services may be necessary when you are traveling to or from a destination and need protection during transit. This may entail the presence of security personnel at an airport or while traveling in a foreign country. In any case, we can ensure your needs are met by leveraging our global network of professionals.

Overseas Security Assignments

If you are planning on traveling overseas, you may very well be in need of an overseas security assignment team that can accompany you during your stay in a foreign country. They can greet you at the airport, assist with safe transportation, ensure your accommodations are kept private, and safely escort you to any place you choose to visit. Since we have a global network of security professionals, we can quickly arrange an overseas detail in just about any country, accommodating people with up to 17 different languages to ensure ease of communication at all times.

Industries we serve

Our professional security services are applicable to a number of different industries. With our large network, we are able to accommodate the needs of any client, but we have specialized knowledge in the following industries where various types of security come into play.

Construction Sites

Securing contruction sites is certainly one of the major investments required to keep risks low, whether a client is working on a high-profile commercial, residential, or government project. We can work with you to assemble a security plan that may include after-hours armed or unarmed security services to prevent trespassers, theft, and vandalism. When necessary, we can also supply construction sites with a security detail when workers are present. Find out more about our construction security services here.

Hospitals & Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare institutions remain one of the biggest targets for crime. Aside from the expensive medicines and supplies they house, these institutions also handle a number of vulnerable patients and visitors who need a safe environment to heal and recover. Our security professionals are well-experienced in protecting these institutions with both armed and unarmed security work. While on-duty, they will work to prevent theft, vandalism, unauthorized access, and can assist in the removal of irate visitors and restraining of irate or dangerous patients.

Corporate Environments

In many cases, corporations hire us to protect their headquarters on a day-to-day basis and they call for additional security in the event that protests or other times of tension arise. Regardless of your needs, we can tailor our services to perfectly suit your company so that all workers and visitors stay safe at any corporate location around the world. We can also assist in organizing security personnel for smaller branches and other locations that require protection.

Retail & Malls

Retailers lose nearly $50 billion every year to theft, which is exactly why retail and mall security has grown to become one of our most utilized specialties here at GISS International. Our security professionals can work in uniform or in plain clothes to identify and apprehend thieves before they have the chance to leave the premises with unpaid merchandise.


Security for games, concerts, and other events is a necessity that cannot be underestimated. With our expertise, we can help determine the right amount of security staff to protect all patrons, players, and employees of the venue while properly mitigating fights, drunkenness, and other undesirable activities that can hinder guests' safe enjoyment of the event being held. Security will also work to protect against unauthorized entry and non-permitted photography.


When guests stay at a hotel, they expect nothing but the safest accommodations money can buy, which is why GISS International specializes in providing hotel security to establishments around the world. Aside from posting security at the door or elevators, we can come up with a security plan that will keep guests safe on and around hotel property. Your team will also have a plan to assist with extra security for weddings, events, and high-profile guests staying on-property.

Schools & Universities

Students deserve a safe environment to learn in, which is why GISS International offers security services to schools and universities around the world. With multiple security officers working together as a team, they can keep the school safe from unauthorized visitors, vandalism, and help identify and apprehend students who are attempting to leave school property without authorization.

TV & Movie Production

GISS International has experience protecting production teams large and small. Aside from securing the premises and preventing the entry of unauthorized visitors, we can also assist in protecting crew members throughout the production schedule. As always, privacy and confidentiality will remain a top priority so that production can go smoothly.


Our bodyguard, special event security, escort services, overseas security, and many other services often combine in order to provide adequate protection plans for government officials and their families. This is one of the most specialized areas of GISS International that is handled with the utmost care to ensure confidentiality and confidence for all involved.

Banking & Financial

Banking and financial institutions frequently become a target for everything from robbery and protests to cyber attacks and identity theft. GISS International provides multiple security guard services designed to protect banks and financial organizations in the New York and New Jersey metro area.

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