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Banking and financial institutions frequently become a target for everything from robbery and protests to cyber attacks and identity theft. GISS International provides multiple security guard services designed to protect banks and financial organizations in the New York and New Jersey metro area.

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The Importance of Security Services in Banks and Economic Institutions

The shear nature of banks and financial organizations is in itself reason enough to implement high levels of security. With cash exchanging hands throughout the entire business day and large amounts of money being retained under lock and key. In the absence of sophisticated security services or failure to implement and enforce procedures that protect people and accounts, there is an increased probability that criminal activity will ensue.

Hiring professionally trained security guards offer the protection recommended to protect the lives of employees and clients as well as their money and confidential information.

While no one likes to dwell on the potential threat of professional thieves, it is a reality – one that GISS security guards are exclusively trained to handle. Regardless of how much training banking employees receive; they are not equipped to handle a violent, life-threatening situation. That is why it is crucial to have the best security measures in place.

All types of financial institutions are prime targets for robberies and because there are routine schedules that involve high-value transfers throughout the day, and without the assistance of alert, adept security guards, the risks are increased. Security guard protection will provide that watchful eye around the exterior and interior parameters, as well as within close proximity of these transferences. Likewise, this watchfulness will prevent unfortunate incidents.

Additionally, when banking and financial institutions have security guards manning posts outside and inside, criminals are less likely to attempt anything.

GISS security services that are used by financial institutions in NY & NJ include:

The Positive Impact of Security Guards at Financial Institutions

Our expertly trained guards offer maximum protection and our presence will deter danger. However, should a criminal act take place, we have the ability to act swiftly to protect individuals and promptly coordinate with area law enforcement to apprehend the perpetrators.

Security guards provide a sense of safety to employees and customers at banking and financial institutions. Besides safeguarding businesses in handling monetary transactions, our trained guards provide support during opening and closing and also offer directional guidance to customers.

Bottom line, when you invest in GISS International security services, the level of professional protection and customer service we deliver will send a message to your staff and clients that you value their livelihood and safety, which will accentuate the reputation and trustworthiness of banking and financial institutions. Our services cover the New York City and New Jersey area.

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