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At GISS International, we have a proven track record of working with the best canine handlers in the New York, New Jersey & tri-state area. Using our advanced network, we specialize in providing canine coverage in the following areas:

  • Bomb detection
  • Guard dog services
  • Drug detection

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Bomb Detection Dogs

At GISS we have a selection of thoroughly trained bomb dogs that we put through explosive detection training using real explosive materials in training, not simulated scents. Each dog learns to detect the unique scent of different explosive materials. By the end of their training bomb dogs are able to detect all current combinations of explosive materials both in trace samples and in bulk samples. 

As ‘passive-alert’ dogs, our bomb dogs learn to signal the presence of anything suspicious by assuming an unassisted ‘sit’ position near a suspected explosive device. During our explosive detection dog training we painstakingly recreate the scenarios and situations bomb dogs are likely to encounter when they are working in the real world. 

GISS bomb detection dogs will confidently work in any location regardless of distractions such as: 

  • Airports
  • Public Transportation Hubs
  • Ports of Call, College Campuses
  • Public Schools, Shopping Centers
  • Combat Zones
  • Large Event Venues. 

GISS has been supplying bomb dogs and explosive detection dog teams to foreign governments and domestic law enforcement agencies for over 20 years. Our highly-developed and highly-effective methods have helped secure airports, ports of call, concert venues, amusement parks, office buildings, religious centers, and more all across the globe. Our services have been used throughout North America, South America, and the Middle East to ensure safety and security wherever we are needed. 

All dogs are specially trained in threat assessment, hand searches, bomb dog search patterns, and bio/chemical concerns. Our bomb dog detection teams have undergone hundreds of hours of instruction and simulation to prepare for all types of explosive device searches. The extensive training received allows our explosive detection dogs the critical experience in knowing what to look for.

Guard Dog Security Services

GISS International’s Guard Dog units are a huge component in our services. Guard dogs are excellent tools in the security services industry and have been for a long time. Guard dogs are trained in security tactics more than any other obedience because of the canine’s natural abilities to execute the duties regularly associated with security details. For example a security guard’s main objective is to report as well as observe any activity deemed unacceptable and relay that activity or activities to the proper personnel. A canine unit’s sense of smell and hearing is greater than a human’s by leaps and bounds. Additionally a guard dog is able to detect the faintest odors and hear the quietest noises which makes the canine able to pinpoint a problem quicker than a security officer alone. This gives GISS security officers a greater set of tools and efficiency that many other security companies don’t have. This is the most effective tool that can maximize your business security. Whether you have a building to secure or exterior property a burglar will think twice before breaking into your office building or trying to cut into your perimeter fence.

Using a Guard Dog service offers an advantage others do not have. A Guard Dog has the ability to deter crime and violence. Statistics show that a security officer with a dog unit as a companion has the ability to deter more crime than two armed security officers. Professional, well-trained canine units create a greater perception of higher-level security by their mere presence. Security officers with guard dogs are more likely to be effective in deterring harm. For example an unruly individual refusing to leave the property is more likely to respond in a hostile manner toward an armed security officer than he would toward an officer with a trained guard dog on their side. GISS is always an advocate of safety. A GISS guard dog will only follow the commands of its handler and no one else. With GISS International you will have peace of mind and are supported by a network of field supervisors throughout to ensure safety of your assets.

Drug Detection Dogs

These services are designed to be confidential, discreet and effective. We offer a variety of services that cover most of the detection requests in the industry. Our sniffer dogs are trained to not only detect narcotics, but all of our clients’ needs. While many drug screening options are open to employers, (hair follicle, urine testing, etc.), these are by definition done on a random basis to ensure that not one person or group is being targeted unfairly. Testing has always been a huge challenge to employers. One of the most immediate and efficient testing methods on the spot is sniffer dog searches.

Canine teams are routinely utilized to search large facilities such as oil refineries, off-shore oil platforms, drill rigs, buildings, and storage areas. Searches are equally effective in more confined areas such as aircraft, ships, automobiles, and lockers. A positive canine indication establishes probable cause for management to request a search of the indicated vehicle, locker, container or area. Inspections can create an ideal deterrent to the on-the-job abuse of any illicit substances and quickly identify violators of company policy. All searches are conducted in a professional and courteous manner, as quickly and as non-disruptively as possible. Our canine search teams always include Drug Recognition Experts who handle any substances found and are available for testimony as court qualified experts. Constant In-service training ensures each team member is keenly aware of current illicit drugs of choice, their method of use, paraphernalia and effects. Our Teams are available to assist management both nationally and internationally.

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Although we are centralized in NYC, our scope spans globally; providing security services all around the world.

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