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At GISS, our professionally trained security guards provide protection in numerous ways. Services include real-time monitoring, immediate response to threats or questionable actions, bodyguard services, and depending on client preferences will be armed or unarmed and dress in uniform or plain clothes. Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers and provide the peace of mind that will help promote your business success, all in the New York City/New Jersey Tri-State area.

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Why Are Corporate Security Guards Needed?

Having security guards in business organizations is a smart investment that can help safeguard your reputation and profit margin as well as protect staff and clientele. Any commercial and corporate entity can be at risk of security breaches, such as theft or assault, regardless of the industry or size of the organization. This holds especially true in densely populated area like New York City/New Jersey Tri-State area.

However, when you make the decision to hire guards, you can have peace of mind that the safety of your property and the wellbeing of everyone working for or doing business with you are protected.

When hiring security guards, take time to consider what type of security measures you need to have in place. Commercial and corporate security services can include everything from monitoring and securing the premises before, during, and after hours, checking guests for weapons, maintaining a restricted area, or watching for suspicious activity.

Invest In Professional Security

Investing in the protection of security guards is not a matter to be considered lightly. It is a profession that involves much more than merely putting on a uniform. GISS guards are held to high standards and we are acclimated to working in all types of commercial environments.

By having security guards stationed, the risk of vandalism, theft, assault, or inappropriate behavior from downsizing and termination is significantly reduced. Research has proven this time and time again in settings ranging from corporate complexes and office buildings to employee-only areas off limit to the public. On-duty guards will respond to any type of situation immediately as well as help keep everyone calm and safe.

Security guards can address any incident, maintaining control, and coordinating additional aid with law enforcement, first responders, and so on. Contact GISS today and we will customize a security plan for your commercial or corporate location that will best suit your needs and budget.

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Although we are centralized in NYC, our scope spans globally; providing security services all around the world.

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