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Providing professional concierge coverage for clients in New York, New Jersey & beyond

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At GISS International, we can staff your lobby with a professional, well groomed concierge who has the customer service skills that create a welcoming atmosphere for your facility for residential and commercial buildings worldwide. With a dedicated team worldwide, we have a wealth of experience with concierge services. Our team is proud to serve clients worldwide and offers a wide variety of corporate and personal concierge services by capitalizing on exclusive partnerships and service agreements. 

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Providing Security with a personal touch

The concierge security officer is often the first person customers and visitors encounter at a property and interaction with the concierge strongly influences perceptions of the service experience. Concierge security officers enforce property rules while serving as ambassadors of the client’s unique environment and culture. GISS staffs many properties with concierge security officers who deliver a blend of security and hospitality services to maintain safe and secure environments while also reflecting favorably on our clients.

We follow stringent employee recruitment and screening procedures to select concierge officers who are naturally suited to customer service including men and women from hospitality backgrounds. Through candidate interviews, background checks and classroom interaction our hiring and training managers evaluate each individual’s communication skills, personal history, attitude and appearance.

All services are available in over 17 languages.

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