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Security is not something you should take lightly, especially if you work in a hospital environment where many patients, staff, and visitors are constantly coming in and out around-the-clock. That’s why GISS International offers the best-in-class security personnel. If you are looking to hire a security team for your hospital, turn to GISS for a team that you can trust.

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The need for qualified security personnel at a hospital cannot be understated. Aside from protecting the staff inside, as security teams typically do, personnel also fulfill the responsibilities of protecting patients and any vulnerable individuals who find themselves on the hospital’s ground, whether for treatment or visitation purposes.

With hospitals in New York City and New Jersey being particularly busy due to the sheer population density of local areas, every hospital experiences a steady stream of visitors and an on-going cycle of activity that requires the full focus and quick action of trained security professionals. What’s more, many patients come into these hospitals in a state that could make them disorderly or even violent, calling for visible, effective protection on every floor.

Why Hospital Security Is Essential

All things considered, hospitals have an above-average need for security than many other organizations. Aside from the sheer number of people cycling in and out of a hospital every day, the vulnerable and potentially violent state of patients alongside the sensitive information and confidential procedures taking place inside all call for enhanced security. It is the duty of a hospital to provide such security to their staff, patients, and every one who patrons them.

What GISS Guards Specialize in

GISS Security teams within a hospital will work first to protect the people inside, but this requires multiple areas of focus. First and foremost, the hospital corridors themselves house patient and equipment that must not be disturbed. Off-limits areas must also be secured, ensuring no unauthorized access any time of the day or night. Additional, medications and hazardous materials must be kept under close watch.

Overall, our hospital security team will work to monitor entrances and corridors, maintaining a visible patrol that allows everyone to be aware of the presence of security within the hospital’s environment. This makes security easy to locate and identify in the event of trouble while giving everyone an overall sense of safety just by taking note of their presence and diligence. Meanwhile, our security will be on constant guard to check that premises are secured while monitoring security and alarm systems throughout the property.

Various kinds of security equipment may be utilized to help our security officers fulfill their job duties more efficiently, including cameras in less-sensitive areas of the hospital (like lobbies). The team will also work to maintain emergency procedures while providing customer service through interactions with the public. When necessary, they’ll work to use verbal tactics to de-escalate situations and help manage conflicts and are capable of restraining and relocating individuals that pose a threat.

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