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GISS International Contracts professional investigators that are known the best in class, conducting investigations thoroughly, discretely and efficiently. GISS Investigative Services are well suited for assignments where persons of interest are always on the move, even across international boundaries. Our ability to speak 17 languages coupled with our own staff across the globe can assure you that the person of interest will not slip away.

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GISS provides clients with discrete surveillance using state of the art equipment and techniques to provide short or long term premises surveillance solutions. Whether by installing covert camera equipment or strategically placing investigators to document suspicious activity we will assess your situation and make recommendations as to how the problem can be solved. Our surveillance activities can be either stationary or mobile depending on the situation and needs of the client. GISS investigators use state of the art technology to investigate each case. The number of GISS investigators involved in surveillance is dependent upon the needs of the client. At GISS we customize each service to meet the needs of our client.

Pre-Trial And Litigation Support

GISS provides professional assistance to attorneys in preparation for all stages of litigation. Investigators are well versed in assisting legal counsel in gathering information critical in criminal defense cases. GISS investigators can find witnesses you need to win your case. We document accident scenes with photographs and diagrams, can assist in the gathering of critical evidence and insuring its admissibility by maintaining a strict chain of custody. Whether preparing for a Criminal or Civil cases GISS investigators works closely with your legal representatives to ensure success in your case. We will perform comprehensive background investigations on pertinent subjects involved in the case, subject interviews, find witness locations and subject matter experts that may be required and all the investigative support services that your legal team will require.

Marital Infidelity/Domestic Investigations

Our team of compassionate professionals are proficient in Domestic Investigations. There are times when it becomes necessary for one to further explore the whereabouts, activities and interactions to verify a person’s given trust. In this type of case GISS investigators will utilize surveillance to document these events. Each divorce case that GISS investigates is handled on an individual basis and the methods of investigation vary. When children are involved, a child custody investigation may be necessary to ensure the safety of the children. Due to the sensitive nature of these assignments please contact us to discuss your specific investigation needs.

Background Checks

GISS checks the reputations and backgrounds of individuals and businesses prior to relationships with our clients. From simply verifying information regarding previous employment and education to full, national criminal and civil court searches GISS is experienced in all facets of background investigation. Experts in searching for and deciphering public records of all kinds our investigators know where to look to find the information you need. GISS private investigators are the most experienced private investigators you will find in any investigative agency. Even if you have dealt with other private investigators contact our office and see what our experienced investigators can do to assist you.

GISS is a results-oriented Detective Agency committed to providing you quick responses and timely, accurate results. GISS private detectives are well-trained and experienced veteran police detectives applying their skills as investigators for the benefit of corporate entities and individual citizens. GISS private detectives combine both law enforcement and private sector investigative knowledge to ensure you the best possible results for your investigation. Our private investigators can answer your questions quickly, accurately and to your full satisfaction. We provide professional, confidential investigative and related services to our clients. GISS utilizes the latest technology and computerized informational resources along with superior Detectives’ skills. We have been able to compile our expertise to effectively investigate even the most challenging of cases. GISS private investigators have professional associations with the law enforcement community as well as private investigators, detective agencies and professional organizations throughout the country.

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Although we are centralized in NYC, our scope spans globally; providing security services all around the world.

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