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Unfortunately, school shootings and crimes are becoming more common in today’s society. It’s estimated that nearly 30,000 criminal incidents on post-secondary campuses are reported every year, calling for an ever-increasing need for competent, focused security personnel.

Hiring the best possible personnel is essential to ensuring that every member of your faculty and student body stays safe and feels secure. That is why GISS International only hires the best in trained security professionals.

When you work with GISS, you can rest assured knowing that you have a team of trained security personnel working on your side. Through established protocols and procedures, your students and faculty won’t just feel safer in the presence of new security personnel, they’ll actually be safer thanks to extensive training and many hours of hands-on work.

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Why Is Post-Secondary Security Important?

Everyone can agree that students and faculty should be able to focus solely on learning when they step foot onto their college or university campus, which is why more of these institutions are investing a larger budget into security teams. Aside from CCTV and diligent monitoring of such, the placement of guards around the campus and regular patrol routes can help keep students and faculty safe while deterring criminals and providing an overall sense of safety to everyone on the property.

These days, it is also not surprising to learn that many parents and potential students are looking at the statistics of campus safety when deciding which college or university to attend. In addition to learning about the past incidents, they also care about a campus’ on-going dedication to providing a secured learning environment, which is why more and more campuses are offering a security website along with security workshops for self-defense and sexual abuse awareness.

What Does Our Security Do?

In the context of a university or college, our security personnel will take on all responsibilities focused on keeping students and faculty safe. This starts with monitoring security equipment, including cameras and alarms, and continues with regular patrol routes and quick response protocols.

Aside from deterring and preventing the crimes that happen in public areas of the campus, our security will also respond to reports of incidents throughout a campus and its dorms, interviewing and apprehending individuals until law enforcement arrives. Our security team responds quickly and efficiently is key to around-the-clock safety.

In addition, our campus security is a key player in providing information to students about how to report crimes properly and provide resources in the event of a rape, shooting, assault, domestic violence situation, or another scenario that threatens a person’s well-being on the campus. These resources are vital to helping the entire student body and team of faculty feel safe while on campus and ultimately be able to focus on learning and excelling.

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