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GISS International takes pride in providing our clients with custom security training services. We specialize in training for:

  • Active Shooter Violence Response
  • Aspects of Workplace Security
  • Basic Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Conducting Workplace Violence Investigations
  • Role of Security Officers in Preventing Workplace Violence
  • Conducting Workplace Security Assessments
  • Corporate Mail Room Security Program Management
  • Employee Theft Prevention
  • Counter-Robbery Measures for the Retail Industry
  • CPR/First Aid AED Training
  • Fire & Safety Training
  • Handcuff Training
  • Marine Security Training & Ship Audits, Vessel Protection
  • OSHA Safety Training
  • Role of Law Enforcement in Workplace Security
  • Safety Training for the Workplace
  • Security Supervisor Training
  • Suspicious Letters and Parcel Handling Procedures
  • Workplace Specific Security Audits and Evaluations

All services are available in over 17 languages.

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Proudly Serving The Tri-State Area

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Northern New Jersey
  • Central New Jersey
  • Southern New Jersey
  • Connecticut
Although we are centralized in NYC, our scope spans globally; providing security services all around the world.

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