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Those working in the television and movie production industry know how important it is that the cast and crew feel safe and secure at all times. With many productions attracting substantial attention from the public, confidentiality and security are a must for any production crew, especially around New York City and New Jersey where theft and other crimes could quickly halt production and end up costing crews a lot of money.

Due to the higher than average liability associated with the expensive equipment and special cast members associated with television and movie productions, hiring the right security team is an absolute must. That’s why GISS International specializes in providing trained and experienced personnel to productions across the NYC and New Jersey areas.

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What Does Production Security Do?

A production security team will have the main goal of any other security team, which is protecting your cast and crew from crimes. However, a production security team has an array of responsibilities that must be handled in an efficient and confidential manner. Aside from protecting cast and crew, the production secure team must also look after the equipment, props, and premises that come along with the production process.

When it comes to on-location shooting, the production security team will go even further, ensuring that all threats and risks are minimized with the use of standing guards, patrol teams, and special procedures that ensure every location is safe before the arrival of the cast and is kept safe throughout the duration of the day’s work. Overall, guards simultaneously look to minimize the opportunity for anyone to steal, trespass, vandalize, disturb, or otherwise disrupt the production process.

All of this starts with thorough security planning where the production process is assessed for any potential risks or threats. Then, the team arranges any and all necessary services for the cast, crew, and equipment, including escorts, patrols placed on foot, in vehicles, or on bikes, and the establishment of any alarm or security systems throughout the location.

Additional duties are then assigned to the security team on an as-needed basis, covering everything from crowd management and access to parking enforcement and corrective actions. Security guards are always on constant patrol of other threats as well, with every member of the security team on fire and threat watch while being ready to respond to emergency situations with CPR, First Aid, and armed or unarmed defense as needed.

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Depending on the needs of your production environment, GISS International can provide both armed and unarmed security officers along with off-duty policy officers. Guards can be in uniform or in plain clothes as necessary and marked or unmarked cars can be provided to keep the presence of security as apparent or subtle as possible. Additional services and equipment, including CCTV monitoring, can also be provided.

If you are looking to assemble a highly effective security team for your next movie or television production, reach out to us for more information about how GISS can help you succeed.

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