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Located in New York City, GISS International offers unarmed security services in more than 17 languages beyond the New York, New Jersey tri-state area. Our ever-growing global network of professionals allows us to serve nationally & in many overseas markets. With GISS, your covered. Regardless of who you are and where you’re located.

We offer a range of services to fit the needs of all of our clients, but unarmed security remains the single largest sector our of all of our work. Unarmed security is perfect for any client who needs a competent professional who is able to offer protection without a weapon.

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When Is Unarmed Security Needed?

Unarmed security is necessary when traveling through zones where guns are not permitted and when providing security on property where security needs to retain a low-profile and the presence of a gun or other weapon would call attention to their presence. Of course, while unarmed to meet compliance or preference, we always remind our clients that our unarmed security guards are no less effective in the most common situations.

Are Unarmed Guards Still Effective?

With extensive skills and special training, even our unarmed officers are capable of identifying and apprehending thieves and vandals while working to identify and mitigate threats in just about any situation. They remain highly effective at their job, even when not carrying weapons or other assisting devices, which brings great confidence to the schools, universities, and other clients who rely on our unarmed services.

The Scope of Our Unarmed Guards

As with all of our security services, our unarmed security guards can dress the part to fit in or stand out in any situation. When hiring unarmed security professionals, you can opt for uniformed, suited, or plain clothed officers who can provide:

Get Guards Trained for Any Situation

All of our security professionals are highly trained with experience in a number of different environments and settings. They often hold highly visible positions, and so they are also well-versed in public relations and customer service skills to ensure they do nothing other than support your plans and operations.

We will ensure that every professional who is assembled as part of your team is fully licensed and compliant with whatever jurisdiction(s) relate to your assignment. Legal compliance and regulatory knowledge is always a top priority when appointing your security professionals.

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Although we are centralized in NYC, our scope spans globally; providing security services all around the world.

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