Special Events

GISS International understands the importance of providing events with professional security services that are both comprehensive, yet transparent. Whether they are sporting or entertainment events, trade shows, award shows, movie premiers, movie shoots, film festivals, expositions or other large scale events we understand that clients demand thorough planning, vigilance and professionalism for their events.

GISS provides special attention to high-profile individuals that may require delicate or firm interaction. GISS provides professional security services for groups hosting upscale private events. During the course of your event our officers will be dressed professionally to match the level and image that you portray. Our agents are trained in preventing loss or damage of personal property and will control access to your venue. Our goal is to look good, protect your venue and become an effective yet transparent team player.

Pre-Event Planning

GISS International can be a valuable asset in your planning phase. We utilize our years of experience with securing events, placement of guards, justifying positions and creating accurate budgets. We take what we learn from all different venues, customers, clients and how they design security and then improvise on that or learn from it.

We provide a full risk assessment for a site, hotel, or conference center that requires any security team during an event. This involves a full assessment of security vulnerabilities, plotting floor plans with security guard locations, creating a budget and anything else that will be needed for the event coverage. This would also include undercover operatives to ensure that any problems such as demonstrations are found before any incident occurs. This is all designed and implemented in accordance to client guidelines and approval. This provides a unified team effort utilizing GISS International’s event experience and insight. We have an intelligent team that has great experience with events to add and collaborate with your team, hence a more effective security plan.

All services are available in over 17 languages.


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