The efficiency of your operation depends on your most important asset — people. The dedication, productivity, and satisfaction of your labor pool are all reflected in their output and your success. But sometimes for reasons often outside of your control labor relations can go bad.

Effective strike and labor unrest contingency planning can help save millions of dollars in delayed production and delivery, decrease risk to company assets and personnel and prevent lawsuits from National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) violations. GISS International provides services that minimize risk and disruption to your operations during labor unrest. With experience providing service throughout thousands of strikes our team can provide expert security consultation and planning, establish an effective deterrent to wrong-doing through sufficient security posting and document or capture evidence of lawlessness or misconduct to facilitate injunctive relief.

Whether detailed strike planning is in place or there is a surprise work stoppage GISS is prepared to step in with well-trained, accountable personnel to support continued operations throughout a labor unrest event.

At GISS we work closely with clients to create customized labor unrest and strike security programs featuring a variety of elements:

• Business continuity planning
• Security staffing assessment
• Strike preparation guidelines
• Property condition documentation
• Evidence gathering and testimony
• Rapid response

Every GISS strike security officer must act in accordance with labor strike guidelines established by the NLRB and local and federal laws. Strike security presents specific challenges not faced by a company’s typical daily guard force. GISS officers have the training, experience, and discipline to endure tense, emotionally charged conditions with sensitivity and focus. GISS officers have extensive training combined with supervision by staff supervisors with many years of strike experience to provide unparalleled client support and leadership. Our entire workforce of strike security personnel can be mobilized immediately. We deliver the experience and resources you need, when you need them.

All services are available in over 17 languages.


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