In the world of security, there is a good amount of options for how to make sure an event of area of importance is secure. The important thing is to make sure you consider all of the choices and make the proper decision from a well-informed perspective. Security is not something to be taken lightly. It’s also not something where one size fits all, so to speak. There are distinct advantages to choosing to have an unarmed guard versus an armed guard as your primary security option.

The Protection From a Guard Works

Some business and events may, indeed, be potential targets for attack by armed intruders. If this is the case, having an armed guard is definitely your best protection because they can serve as a more effective deterrent and address the issues that would arise if such an attack were to occur. However, many events and businesses are not likely to come under attack by armed thieves or other unwanted individuals. In these cases, unarmed guards are going to be just as effective. They are trained at conflict de-escalation. This means they are often able to help restore calm even before a situation becomes particularly threatening. This can eliminate the need for any type of aggressive conflict.

Unarmed Guards Are Cost Effective

An armed guard is going to have to have gone through a series of certifications, tests, and licenses. This makes their price tag go up significantly. While some may feel better having a person with a weapon present, this is certainly not a necessity in most situations. When this is the case, you can save money to be reallocated to other aspects of your even it you use an unarmed guard.

Unarmed Guards Provide a Unique Sense of Safety

When you have a guard with a weapon providing security, the use of the weapon is always an option. This can be good, but it can also possibly result in unnecessary injury or death that could mar your event or the reputation of your business. A fight inside an establishment rarely makes the headlines. A shooting always will. If things get to the point of necessitating an armed person, you can always rely on the police.

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