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Canine protection services have been used unofficially for thousands of years. Since the domestication of the dog, we have relied on our furry friends to help us with tasks and protect us from harm. At GISS International, we put canines to work for protection in three specific ways, each requiring specialized training. Here’s a little bit of information about each, so you know which type of canine services to employ next time you need some four-legged protection:

Drug Detection Dogs

Because of drug epidemics all over the United States, more and more law enforcement agencies are seeking out the help of canine drug detection services. The dogs that participate in these services are specially trained to detect and indicate the presence of drugs or other substances of interest for investigators. With an accuracy that is unrivaled by technology, these animals can also provide protection for officers should a suspect become violent during a search.

Bomb Detection Dogs

In a post-9/11 world, security must be taken very seriously. This is true of commuter travel, airlines, and even large facilities like concerts, schools, and shopping centers. Wherever people gather, there is the potential for violence.

Preventing bomb smuggling and detonation is one of the key tasks assigned to bomb detection dogs. By sensing the presence of explosives, these animals can prevent persons who are carrying them into a facility, as well as help with disarming the person before they have the chance to detonate the explosive. This can help save countless human lives and prevent massive property destruction, all with a higher rate of accuracy than would be achievable through either technology or human ability alone.

Security or Guard Dogs

Perhaps the most well-known job a dog can have is providing canine protection services to owners or handlers. Once used only in the home setting, these dogs can now be trained to work as contractors, protecting individual clients on a temporary basis. Often partnering with law enforcement or private security firms, canine agents are trained to take down a threat on command – all while posing no threat to friendly persons socializing with the client.

If you’d like more information on hiring a canine agent, contact the security professionals at GISS International. They can offer you the services of well-trained, fully-certified dogs for whatever security needs you may have.

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