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11 Tips Businesses Should Implement To Prevent Burglaries After Hours

Small businesses are at an incredibly high risk for burglaries, especially in dense areas like New York City. According to the NYC Police Department, there were over 11 thousand burglaries throughout NYC in 2019. While this figure has steadily dropped over the past 20 years, it’s still important for businesses to invest in the right security to ensure they do not become one of the unfortunate victims of burglaries in NYC.

  1. Strategically place inventory: Putting inventory in areas that are not easily seen from the outside can be a great deterrent for late-night break-ins. For example, expensive electronics should not be on display near the front of the store for everyone to see. A better alternative could be to place it towards the back of the store or stored in an area closed to the public where only employees can retrieve it.
  2. Use laminated or tempered glass: With standard glass, it only takes a rock and a hand for a quick grab and go. Adding laminated or tempered glass to windows will slow the burglar down significantly and create unwanted noise and attention if they are determined to get in.
  3. Invest in an alarm system: Adding an alarm is one of the most effective ways to get a rapid response from law enforcement in the event of a burglary. It should go without being said that this is one of the most basic steps to securing a business. The installation of glass break detectors in addition to open door detectors can add added layers of security to your alarm system.
  4. Add bars in front of doors and windows: Sometimes the most effective forms of security aren’t high tech. Bars not only make break-ins harder for burglars, but they can also deter them as well.
  5. Do not store spare keys on the outside of the building: Well-trained burglars are smart, and they will look for all options to get inside of a building if they are determined. Placing spare keys in a lockbox is essentially inviting criminals to break it so they can have easy access. Always keep spare keys at home unmarked and in a safe space.
  6. Invest in security cameras: In an age where everyone and everything is being recorded, security cameras are becoming essential. Cameras can act as a deterrent in addition to providing proof of a crime or an incident. They also don’t need to be limited to after hours. Leaving them on 24/7 keeps a record of employees and customers.
  7. Reduce blind spots: If security cameras are purchased, the main priority should be to place cameras in key areas like the cash register, entrances, and exits. The next priority should be to remove blind spots to ensure all criminal activity is captured on film.
  8. Keep the outside well lit: Keeping a well-lit exterior helps cameras capture facial features or clothing on a burglar. Plus, they are great for keeping unwanted lurkers away from a building due to the attention they’ll get.
  9. Keep the property maintained: Manicured shrubbery, fresh-cut lawns, and a clean exterior tell criminals that the property always has somebody around. Plus, who doesn’t like a well maintained
  10. Create a closing checklist: Sometimes the best defense against burglaries is to stay consistent. Human error happens, which is why it’s important to create a closing security checklist for yourself or closing managers. Remember to include as much detail as necessary to prevent misinterpretation. For example, “lock the front, side, and back door” is much clearer than “lock doors”. Getting all employees on the same page will make your business much safer when nobody is around.
  11. Hire security guards: Even when all the security essentials and technology are in place, guards are still needed for an overnight watch. Security guards can give large campuses or properties the attention they deserve by performing regular patrols, guarding entrances, and monitoring cameras. Security guards have been keeping business owners at ease on a nightly basis, knowing that their property is under watchful eyes.

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