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When Is Private Armed Security Needed?

Businesses of all sizes require security, but it’s easy to underestimate your needs until you begin to really think about all of the valuable things you have to protect. Aside from your customers and employees, your business has financial data, costly equipment, and inventory that must be protected around-the-clock, and security services are the best thing for doing that. Of course, many people struggle to assemble the right security team.

There are so many options out there for security, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One of the most common questions we get asked is: Are armed security guards really necessary?

When Are Armed Guards Necessary?

Armed security guards are known as commissioned officers, and they are often necessary for companies and events, but they are far from the only type of security you can hire. Generally, armed officers are necessary for high-risk environments where the threat of a person coming in with a weapon is greater than average. Banks, given their financial assets and vulnerable position to robbers, often come to mind.

In truth, every type of business could stand to benefit from armed guard services, but they are not always feasible. For instance, some company policies prohibit the presence of weapons, in which case unarmed guard services would be ideal. For other businesses, unarmed guards may just sound like a better option. For low-risk environments, the more affordable price point can also lead companies to choose unarmed protection.

While it’s important to note that unarmed guards still go through extensive training to ensure they are able to protect property, armed guards continue to prove preferably in a number of situations.

Determining Your Needs

Generally, in a situation where armed guards are necessary, these guards are typically asked to wear proper uniforms. Security deters criminals from even considering committing a crime, although it cannot stop crime on its own. Of course, armed guards can also work in a plain-clothes capacity to suit the environment.

If you happen to work in any of the following industries, you should consider hiring armed guards–whether in uniform or plain clothes.

Financial Institution Security

Banks have a substantial amount of assets on-site and they must protect them in life-or-death situations, which is why armed guards are always present at financial institutions. These businesses typically employ a mix of both uniformed and plain-clothes security to ensure maximum protection. Other systems, like alarms and CCTV monitoring, should also be in place.

Construction Site Security

Aside from the expensive equipment that may sit unprotected on a construction site for days at a time, the property itself can be liable for damage if left unattended. As such, armed security guards are generally employed for larger construction projects, especially commercial projects. These guards will be in uniform and their presence will help deter anyone looking to vandalize or steal from the property.

Academic Institution Security

With mass shootings on the rise, more and more educational institutions are seeking the assistance of armed security guards to help ward off criminals. They will generally be in uniform, which can help add a great sense of security for teachers and students alike. Armed guards always receive extensive training, which means they are able to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a threat.

Residential Community Security

For residential communities, the presence of security guards can do wonders for keeping crime rates low. Whether it’s vandalism, trespassing, or serious crimes such as theft and violence, a team of security guards patrolling the streets will do a number to keep criminals at bay. Many community developments do not employ security guards as part of their service to residents.

Healthcare Institution Security

Whether it’s an irate patient or the need to protect a supply of medical prescriptions or equipment, security guards also have an important place for healthcare institutions. Guards can also be utilized to keep patients from exiting the property when not mentally fit to do so, keeping everyone safer.

Retail Security

Finally, armed guards often take on positions in the retail industry – working everything from grocery stores to bars, restaurants, and specialty shops where theft, vandalism, and other crimes can occur. No matter what you are selling, their presence will prove extremely valuable.

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